12 amps Passive Infrared Sensor with ambient light level sensor


  • Has one relay (equal to single pole switch)
  • Can turn a load on and hold it as long as the sensor detects occupancy
  • After no motion is detected for the set time delay, the load turns off automatically
  • Detects difference between heat emitted from human body in motion & background space

Capacity Level 120V AC /60Hz
Tungsten 800W
Ballast 800VA
Resistive 12A
Motor 1/4HP
Time Delay 15 sec ~ 30 min
Light Level 30 Lux — Daylight
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ +55°C
  1. 1. Connect lead wires as shown in WIRING DIAGRAM:
    Black lead to Line (Hot)
    Red lead to Load wire
    White lead to Neutral wire
    Green lead to Ground
  2. Gently position wires in wall box, attach sensor switch to the box
  3. Mount device "TOP" up
  4. Restore power at circuit breaker or fuse, wait ONE minute
  5. Remove the small cover plate
  6. Locate the adjustment knobs on the control panel to perform test and adjustment
  7. Replace the small cover plate after testing and adjustment
  8. Attach the wallplate

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