15 amps Self-testing Tamper Resistant GFCI Receptacle with wall plate


  • 2 pole 3 wires grounding duplex receptcle
  • Impact-resistant thermoplastic cover and body
  • Provides protection with periodic automatic testing
  • Further durability against electrical noise and moisture corrosion
  • Featuring a built-in safety shutter system to prevent insertion of foreign objects into openings

Wattage 1800W 15A
Voltage 120V AC
Frequency 60Hz
Trip Level 4-6mA
Trip Time 25ms
Reaction Area -35ºC ~ +66ºC
Humidity 95% RH, non-condensing
Operating Temperature -35ºC ~ +66ºC


  1. Turn the power OFF
  2. Identify cables / wires
  3. Procedure: Box with two cables (4-6 wires)
  4. Placement in circuit
  5. Conncting the wires (choose A or B):
    A) One cable (2-3 wires) entering the box
    B) Two cables (4 or 6 wires) entering the box
  6. Test your work
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