10 amps Line Voltage PIR Ceiling Mount Sensor for incandescent, CFL, LED lighting

Available Finishes:
  • White


  • Simple, fast installation
  • Multi-level, 360° fresh lens for superior occupancy detection
  • Energy efficient, super bright LED with adjustable time delay

Wattage 800W
Input 120-277V AC, 60HZ
Incandescent 120V AC, 60Hz at 800W
Ballast 120V AC at 800VA; 277V AC at 1600VA, 60Hz
Resistive 10A at 120V AC, 60Hz
Motor 1/4HP, 120V AC, 60Hz
Adjustable Light Level 10FC to 150FC
Adjustable Time Delay 15 sec ~ 30 min
Coverage 360°, up to 1200 ft²
Operating Temp. 0°C ~ +55°C

Wiring Directions

  1. Turn off the power at the circuit breaker before installing
  2. Connect the HOT wire to the BLACK wire from the sensor
  3. Connect the LOAD wire to the RED wire from the sensor
  4. Connect the NEUTRAL wire to the WHITE wire from the sensor
  5. Connect the two GREY wires (22AWG) the terminals of the momentary switch.
    You can add a MANUAL SWITCH to the sensor by connecting the GREY wires

* Step 4 is not necessary if you do not want to use the function of MANUAL ON/OFF

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