220 CFM 90W 120V 2 speed single motor rangehood fan

Available Finishes:
  • White
  • Satin Nickel


  • Ø 6" connection
  • Wall or ceiling mount with charcoal filter
  • 220 CFM 90W 120V AC 2 speed single motor rangehood fan
  • RPM of low speed about 2112

Wattage 90W
Voltage 120V AC
Material Stainless steel
Airflow 210 CFM (High Speed)
150 CFM (Low Speed)
No. of Motor Single
No. of Speed 2 speed
Control Built-in push button
Warranty 1 year


Hood Installation

All wiring installation must comply with local and national electrical code regulations:

  1. Lift the hood into position and guide the electrical cable through the electrical cable clamp on the hood
  2. Insert the 4 wood screws from the bottom and securely fasten
  3. Secure the electrical cable in the cable clamp while allowing sufficient length in the hood to connect the field wires to the hood wires
  4. Make the electrical connections using screw-on wire connectorrs. Attach the BLACK wires together and then the WHITE wires together, then the GREEN or bare wire to the GREEN GROUNDING screw in the hood. Replace the wiring compartmenet cover
  5. Attach ductwork and use duct tape to seal all joints
  6. After turning all rangehood switches to the OFF position, turn the power ON and test your installation

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