Programmable 24-hour Mechanical Timer for transformer


  • 24 ON/OFF program per day
  • Mechanical Timer for transformer

Wattage 1875W Max.
Voltage 125V AC /60Hz
Amps 8-15A (15A Max.)
Ratings Resistive or general purpose
Material Tungsten
Input Grounded Plug (5-15P) Input
Output Grounded Outlet (5-15R) Output
Minimum Setting Time 30 min
Maximum Setting Time 24 hours
Warranty 5 years

Operating Instructions

  1. To set present time:
    Turn the programming dial in the direction of the arrow until the triangular mark corresponds with the present time
  2. To program:
    Ensure the arrow is on the present time.
    Push in the trippers situated around the dial to set equipment "ON" time.
    Each tripper represents 30 minutes
  3. For example:
    If you would like to set the time of activation from 11:00 AM to 1:30PM,
    then push down the trippers situated between 11:00AM and 1:30PM,
    Including the segments corresponding with 11:00AM and 1:30PM
  4. To activate equipment:
    Having selected your program, plug in your equipment to the timer
    and then plug the timer into a 125V circuit.
    The timer will activaate and deactivate the equipment as the dial rotates through the pushed down segment
  5. The selected program will remain the same each day unless modified by the customer
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