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LED Landscape Lighting Uplight with fixed socket lamp base


  • Uplights Shine light upward to illuminate an object or surface for dramatic effect
  • Provides beautiful accents to trees, columns and architectural features
  • Uplighting is the most common technique used to accentuate key focal points in the landscape and to create shadows on walls
  • Suitable for outdoor use in -25°C to +40°C
  • Antique brass colour thumb

Voltage 12V AC/DC
Housing Solid brass
Lamp Base GU5.3 Bin-pin base
Fixed socket
Lamp 12V MR16 (not included)
Lens Convex glass
Wiring 3'18/2 UL wire
SPT-2W leads
Mounting Access Regular PVC stake
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +40°C


Luminaire Mounting (with ground stake)

  1. To prevent electric shock, disconnect transformer from electrical supply before installation or service
  2. Run wire pigtail from luminaire through the mounting hole in top of ground stake
  3. Thread luminaire into threaded hole in ground stake
  4. Place stake in desired position and insert into ground until flange or stake is flush to grade
  5. Strip the (2) leads from the luminaire pigtail wire.
    Using the two (2) silicone filled safety connectors (by others),
    connect the leads from the luminaire to the main supply cable leads
  6. Aim luminaire to desired angle.
    Lock into place by tightening screw in adjustable knuckle
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