Residential grade Wall Recessed White Metal Dryer Box


  • Residential grade Dryer Boxes for placing the dryer flush to the wall without crushing the exhaust hose or restricting airflow
  • Has a cleaner and more professional finish and makes homes safer, more spacious and efficient environments
  • Allows the dryer to perform at its peak efficiency by reducing one 90° elbow from the dryer exhaust system
  • Protects exhaust duct in the wall and gives the dryer some space
  • Saves space and energy and contributes to reducing fire hazard
  • Material: Metal, with thick powder coating
  • Function: Places Dryer closer to the wall / Protects Dryer & Exhaust Duct in the wall
  • Rating: IC Rated / Indoor use only / for Damp locations
  • Applications : Wall Recessed

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