90 CFM Next Generation Compact Series Fan with capacitor start motor


  • It holds an ETL evaluation and is HVI and ENERGY STARⓇ certified
  • Very quiet fan for ceiling or wall mounted Hold and ETL evaluation
  • Comes with a capacitor start motor known for its high efficiency and long lasting reliability


Static Pressure (SP)
0.002 SP 0.098 SP 0.144 SP 0.208 SP 0.250 SP 0.352 SP 0.421 SP 0.495 SP 0.547 SP 0.640 SP
110.1 CFM 107.5 CFM 103.8 CFM 100.6 CFM 97.3 CFM 84.8 CFM 72.7 CFM 55.9 CFM 28.7 CFM 0.00 CFM

Air Volume (CFM) 90 / 81
Noise (sones) 0.8 / 1
Fan Watts 22W / 21W
Duct Diameter 4"
Power Rating 120V /60HZ
Housing Size 8-1/2" x 9" x 5-3/4"
Grille Dimensions 11-13/16" x 11-7/16"
Weight 7.4 lb

Assembly Instructions

  1. Mount housing to joist or I-joist
  2. Mount with mounting holes and hanger bar
  3. Mount to I-joist
  4. Install duct and blower assembly
  5. Install round ductwork

Retrofit Installation

  1. Remove wire panel and blower assembly before installation
  2. Fold mounting ears flat against housing
  3. Enlarge ceiling opening to 9-1/2" by 9-1/2", leave ductwork and wiring in place
  4. Connect wiring. Re-install wire panel
  5. Mount fan either with additional mounting holes, or mount with hole of the flange
  6. Connect duct
  7. Install the blower assembly

Installation with LED Grille & Fire Damper

  1. Remove the damper from the flange
  2. Open the quick connect seat.
    Place the LED extension cable in the cut out seat.
    Optionally, open the lower port to fish out the cables.
    Reconnect the seat and bottom part
  3. Connect the fan to the quick connect.
    Slide on the flange.
    Connect LED quick connect to new quick connect port
  4. Slide the damper flange into the fan.
    Re-attach the fire damper to the damper flange.
    Make sure the LED wire is behind the u-tab to reduce risk of pinching.
    Secure the flange & fire damper together using the 4 screws
  5. Using the two mounting clips, connect the LED grille to the damper

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