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Speed controller for ODD-400 and ODD-500 fans


  • Accessible speed adjustment
  • Simple plug fits into fan housing
  • Can be installed with a new existing fan
  • Allows for continuous adjustable speed control as per ASHRAE 62.2, with high speed override


Compatible Fans (sold separately):

  1. Remove the Grille Assembly from the fan
  2. Remove the five screw A then remove the cover
  3. Remove the nut then remove the fan wheel
  4. Remove four screw B then disconnect power box and motor
  5. Remove screw C then remove the current power box
  6. Put the ODD-SCK-500 in the place, fix it with screw
  7. Connect ODD-SCK-500 and motor, install motor back to the housing
  8. Install fan wheel and cover back to the housing.
    Fix the fan wheel with nut, then fix the cover with 5 screw
  9. Install Grille Assembly to the fan

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