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3 speed ODDIN Supreme Series Fan with 8" diameter metal duct


  • Built-in 3 speed switch for 300 CFM capacity
  • Ultra silent, high efficiency commercial inline fan
  • Our Premium Series operates at lower RPM's to give you quieter operation

Air Volume (CFM) 340 / 310 / 220
Noise (sones) 5.8 / 4.6 / 3.1
Fan Watts 99W / 79W / 37W
Duct Diameter 8"
Power Rating 120V /60Hz
Housing Size 14-1/8" x 14-1/8" x 9"
Inlet Size 10" x 3"
Outlet Size 8"
  1. Mount with hanger bracket
  2. Install duct work and junction box
  3. Remove junction box cover and secure conduit or stress relief to junction box knock-out hole
  4. Using connectors, connect house power wires to ventilating fan wires.
    Replace the junction box cover
  5. Squeeze the ductwork to fit the adapter then slip onto the adapter and secure it with duct tape (not included)
  6. Run the ductwork to a roof or wall cap (not included), secure all the ductwork connections so that they are air tight
  7. Run 120V AC house wiring to the location of the fan.
    Use only UL-approved connectors (not included) to attach the house wiring to the wiring plate

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