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Silenced version of ODDMF inline fans, constructed with a 10" inline fan


  • Stable and free from vibrations
  • 6-poles brushless motor with sine wave
  • Offers lower noise level than mixed flow inline fans
  • Built with cold-rolled steel housing and aluminum flange


Accessories (sold separately):

6 speed smart controller with thermal probe; compatible with mixed flow inline ODDMF fans/silencers

Fan Size 10" (250 mm)
Max. Speed 3200 RPM
Max. Airflow 1065 CFM / 1808 CMH
Static Pressure 2.05 in H₂O / 510 Pa
Noise Level 55 dBA
Max. Power 150W
Motor Type EC Motor
Impeller Design Mixed Flow
IP Rating IP 64 (IP 68 available on custom order)
Fan Weight 30.2 lb

Wall Mounted Installation

  1. Mark the screw position on the wall
  2. Punch holes in the wall
  3. Screw the fan onto the wall
  4. Connect the ducts onto two sides with clamps
  5. Connect the speed control to the fan.
    Make sure the connection is in place and fastened
  6. Power up the fan


Hang Installation

Intake and Exhaust

This fan can be used as either an intake fan or exhaust fan in grow rooms or tents.
The purpose of doing so is to achieve optimal whole space ventilation.

  • Used as the intake fan or opening:
    If it is NOT used as a fan, it must be situated at a bottom corner of your growing space
  • Used as the exhaust fan:
    It must be hung or mounted at the highest opposite corner
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