150W Max. LED dual head emergency light with 120 minutes emergency duration time


  • Full recharge time is maximum 24 hours
  • Suitable for +10ºC to +40ºC indoor damp locations
  • 2 pieces 2W ultra bright LED lamp heads for emergency mode
  • 2*6V 12Ah Lead-Acid battery for minimum 2 hours of emergency duration time

Wattage 150W Max.
Voltage 120V AC or 277V AC or 347V AC /60Hz
AC Charging Current 0.2A AC Max.
DC Charging Voltage 10.5-14.8V DC
DC Charging Current 830mA DC Max.
Lumens 260 lmn
Material Steel housing and light weight thermal plastic heads in matching colour
Battery 2pcs 6V 12Ah
Battery Type Lead-Acid Battery
Emergency Duration Time ≥ 120 min
Discharge Current 0.3-12.8A
Charging Time 24 hours
Colour Temperature 6500K (Cool White)
Operating Temperature +10ºC ~ +40ºC
Warranty 5 years


Hardwired Installation

  1. Extend non-switched 24 hour AC supply of rated voltage to a junction box (supplied by others) installed in accordance with all applicable codes and standards.
    Leave a minimum of 8 inches of slack on the wire.
    This circuit should NOT be energized / live at the same time

  2. Open the unit by unscrewing the cover screws on the sides of the unit.
    The front cover can then be removed

  3. Unit is supplied with universal spider knockouts and keyhole slots stamped into the back of the cabinet.
    knock out the appropriate hole(s) and bring wires through the hole(s) into the cabinet

  4. Make proper wiring connections between the AC supply and the unit's transformer.
    Insulate unused wire.
    Connect ground to supplied ground wire in accordance with local codes.
    Reassemble all wire connections and connectors.

  5. Batteries on larger units may be shipped sepaarately to avoid damage in shipping.
    Install batteries into the cabinet and complete the appropriate battery connections

  6. Batteries already installed in the cabinet MUST be connected to the circuit board

  7. Secure all internal wires

  8. Replace cover and secure cover screws

  9. Turn ON AC line voltage supply

  10. If the unit is supplied with a line cord, connect the line cord plug into the appropriate receptacle previously installed

  11. If unit is complete with lamp heads, positioning the lamp heads to provide best lighting distribution by loosening head set screws to adjust angle and swivel.
    Manually rotate or turn head(s) to the desired position then tighten set screws to lock position

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