LED Security Light with 1 head available in 10W

Available Finishes:
  • White
  • Grey
  • Brown


  • Has a sensor that enables it to be motion activated
  • Used for crime prevention with its environmental design
  • Helps detecting intrusions or other criminal activity on one's property

Wattage 10W
Voltage 110-240V AC /50-60Hz
Lumens 1200 lmn
Beam Angle 100°
Lifetime 40000 hours
CRI > 70
Dimmable No
Rating Non-IC Rated / Both Indoor and Outdoor use / for Dry and Damp location
Grade of Protection IP 54
Sensor Detecting Range Max. 50ft (15m) front
Time on Adjustment 5s / 1min / 5min / 12min (Slide Switch)
Lux Settings Night / Dusk / Day (Slide Switch)
Sensor Adjustment Min / Mid / Max
Application Warehouses / Gymnasiums / Industrial spaces, etc.
Colour Temperature 5000K (Cool White)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
Warranty 5 years


Mounting and Wiring the Light

  1. Turn off power to the circuit breaker box.
    DO NOT rely on only the switch power being turned off
  2. Install the cross bar to the junction box and secure with the mounting screws.
    If installing to a wall or building, pre-drill holes and use appropriate masonry plugs
  3. Now install the cross bar to the surface using the mounting screws
  4. On the cross bar, you will see a green / yellow wire (labeled GND).
    This is your ground wire. Use a wire nut to connet to the house ground wire (typically copper).
    For proper connection, place wire nut over wires and twist clockwise until tight
  5. Connect supply wires with wire nuts.
    Black supply wire connects to Black power supply wire (Live)
    White product wire connects to the White supply wire (Neutral)
  6. You may use the optional gasket at this time
  7. Install the light fixture to the cross bar grounding screw.
    Use the silicone sealant around the perimeter of the light to seal for moisture
  8. Turn on your electricity after install has been completed
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