Maximum 96W class 2 Driver for LED lighting and moving sign applications


  • Suitable for dry location
  • High Efficiency: up to 80%
  • Strong compatibility, flicker-free dimming
  • Constant voltage phase TRIAC dimmable driver
  • Integrated junction box for hard wire installation

Input Voltage 120V AC
Output Voltage 12V DC
Max. Wattage 96W
Amps 8A
Voltage Range 100-130V AC
Dimmable Yes
Grade of Protection IP 20
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Power Factor 0.75 (Full loading)
Efficiency (Typ.) 80%
AC Current (Max.) 1.6A
Short Circuit Short and Open circuit protection
Over Loading ≤ 120%
Operating Temperature -20ºC ~ +45ºC
Warranty 5 years


Installation of this transformer MUST comply with local building codes:

  1. Turn power OFF at main switch box
  2. Remove lid from transformer box
  3. Remove knockout from 120V AC side of transformer
  4. Run 120V AC wires into 120V AC side of transformer
  5. Using wire nuts (not included), connect BLACK and WHITE wires of power source to:
    BLACK and WHITE wires of 120V AC side of transformer
  6. Make sure all 120V AC connections are made inside 120V AC side of transformer box
  7. Repeat step3 with GREEN ground wire of power source and GREEN ground wire of tranformer
  8. Remove knockout from 12V DC side of transformer box
  9. Insert 12V DC wiring harness into 12V DC side of transformer box and connect to 12V DC plug of transformer
  10. Replace lid of transformer box
  11. After mounting lights in desired area, connect lights to 12V DC side of transformer.
    Use quick connect plugs located on wiring harness when you do this
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