Adjustable 3 CCT class 2 LED driver for 4" ORTECH slim lights


  • Inherently protected
  • Compatible with TRIAC dimmers

Input Voltage 120V AC
Output Voltage 36V DC
Max. Wattage 12W
Amps 0.12A
Voltage Range 108-132V AC
Dimmable Yes
Grade of Protection IP 44
Frequency Range 47-63Hz
Efficiency (Typ.) 83%
AC Current (Max.) 0.13A
Short Circuit Hiccup mode, recover automatically after fault condition is removed
Over Loading 50V
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +40°C
Warranty 5 years

Driver Wiring

  1. Open the hardwire box swing cover.
    Remove the appropriate knockout(s)
  2. Insert the electrical supply cable through the knockout.
    Secure with a cable connector (sold separately)
  3. Using wire nut, connect GREEN ground wire of cable to GREEN wire on box.
    Connect WHITE wire of cable to WHITE wire of box.
    Connect BLACK wire of cable to BLACK wire of box
  4. Place all wiring and connections back into the box and close the cover
  5. Insert hardwire box through the mounting hole

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