Commercial / Residential grade LED Gimbal Recessed Light in 11W

Available Finishes:
  • White
  • Black


  • Commercial or Residential grade LED Gimbal Recessed Lights with tilting gimbal light source for directional lighting
  • Ideal for sloped ceilings, wall washing, highlight artwork, task or general lighting, etc.
  • Engineered to maximize heat dissipation and has optical lens
  • Compatible with industry standard TRIAC / ELV dimmers
  • IC rated for direct contact with insulation, no housing required
  • Depth is 1-7/8", and for the best possible Layout Depth Flexibility, it should be installed right under joists
  • Made of durable aluminum body and adjustable gimbal with 30° tilt, 360° rotation
  • Utilizes LED technology that fits anywhere you need general light source
  • Cut hole in ceiling and snap fixture in Opening with attached spring clips
  • Ceiling clearance required: 2-1/2"


Compatible Dimmers & Mounting Plates
(sold separately)


Wattage 11W
Voltage 120V
Lumens 1000 lmn
Beam Angle 40°
Lifetime 50000 hours
Cutout Ø 4-21/64" (110 mm)
CRI 80
Dimmable Yes
Rating IC Rated / Indoor use / Damp location
Grade of Protection IP 20
Air Tight Yes
Application Recessed ceiling / Overhanging eaves, etc.
Colour Temperature 3000K (Warm White) / 5000K (Cool White)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +40°C
Warranty 5 years


  1. Turn power OFF from the electrical panel before starting installation
  2. Locate a suitable position to place the fixture and open in accordance to the cut-hole dimensions
  3. Run electrical wire from the switch (power supply) through the mounting hole — use NMD90 Romex or BX cable

Driver Wiring

  1. Open the hardwire box swing cover and remove the appropriate knockout(s)
  2. Insert the electrical supply cable through the knockout and secure with a cable connector (sold separately)
  3. Using wire nuts, connect GREEN ground wire of cable to GREEN wire on box.
    Connect WHITE wire of cable to WHITE wire of box.
    Connect BLACK wire of cable to BLACK wire of box
  4. Place all wiring and connections back into the box and close the cover
  5. Insert hardwire box through the mounting hole

Fixture Installation

  1. Connect the fixture to the hardwire box by inserting and twisting the male / female connectors
  2. Push spring loaded clips on the fixture upwards and insert fixture base into the mounting hole.
    Release the clips and fixture will be pulled flush to the ceiling
  3. Once assembly is complete, turn on power to confirm fixture is working properly
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