Plastic ceiling box cover


  • Deeper cover works with pan boxes without the need to cut the post
  • Comes ready to install with provided #8 screws or back out existing screws to accept notched bracket 
  • Bracket has two separate cover mounting options: threaded post pushes in, for flat ceilings, or screws on for textured/uneven ceilings
  • Attractive cover plate - After installation, screws don't show on the ceiling
  • Paintable plastic cover plate eliminates the scratches you get with painted metal covers, also covers poorly cut drywall
  • Fits 3-1/2" and 4" round or octagonal boxes

STEP 1: Attach the mounting bracket to a 3½" or 4" round or octagonal box with the screws provided. The “A” side of the bar is for a flat ceiling and the “B” side is for an uneven or textured ceiling.

STEP 2: On a flat ceiling, push the screw on the cover into the opening of the bracket to the cover. On a textured ceiling, screw on the cover into the opening until it is tight against the ceiling.

STEP 3: The cover can be removed by either pulling down on the cover or by unscrewing it on an uneven or textured ceiling.

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