Energy Recovery Ventilator with efficient cross-flow core and pressure ports for air balancing


  • Has 6" duct connections and 6 ft power cord
  • MERV 6 filters standard with MERV 13 option for OA stream
  • LED indicators for filter replacement and unit troubleshooting
  • Efficient cross-flow core and pressure ports for airflow balancing
  • Total Recovery Low Profile Value Series Energy Recovery Ventilation
  • Temperature sensor to limit operation during very low temperatues
  • Run time per hour at low speed setting, 0-60 min per hour (ASHRAE 62.2)
  • Auto-reset thermal overload protection on motors and no drain pan or hose required
  • 30-100% speed control built-in for OA and RA air-streams for balancing and reducing airflow per requirement

Accessories (sold separately):
HET06A-R — Manual Override Switch


ESP (in .w.g.) Filter Type Estimated HVI Power Speed
  FA RA   SRE ASRE Watts CFM/W  
125 0.4 0.43 MERV 6 46 52 125 1 High
22 0.4 0.4 MERV 6 68 80 38 0.58 Minimum
55 0.1 0.1 MERV 6 62 67 39 1.41 Low





Speed Setting Airflow (CFM) Sones
High ≈ 125 4.8
Low ≈ 55 2.1
Minimum ≈ 22 2.4


Unit Installation

Installation A

  1. Mount the 4 brackets to the unit using two screws provided for each bracket through 2 appropriate holes.
    Unit may be installed in any orientation.
    Be careful as condensation could be present when outdoor temperature is low
  2. Secure the unit to the truss by screws provided through the smaller hole of the brackets


Installation B

  1. Trace a level line on both trusses, at 1-1/16" from the bottom
    (based on the ceiling sizes is 1/2", if not this size, needs to be adjusted properly), for the unit bracket location.
    On one truss, screw half way on level line two provided screws, leaving 24-7/8" between each other
  2. Mount the 4 brackets to the unit using 2 screws provided for each bracket through 2 appropriate holes.
    Screw half way the screws to allow adjustment between trusses within 23" and 21-1/4"
  3. Hang the one side of the unit on the screws mounted on the truss.
    Lift the other side of the unit and secure it to the other truss.
    Mount the unit to the truss using 2 screws per bracket.
  4. After installation, the bottom of the unit is in contact with the bottom of the ceiling
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