LED Landscape Lighting Hardscape Light with aluminum housing

Available Finishes:
  • Black


  • Enhances the colours and shapes of the hardscape area being lit
  • Can be mounted under a horizontal cap or flush to a vertical or horizontal surface

Wattage 4W
Voltage 12V AC
Housing Aluminum
Lens Clear
Wiring 3'18/2 UL wire
SPT-2W leads
Mounting Access 3pcs stainless steel bracket
Colour Temperature 2700K (Warm White)
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +40°C
Warranty 5 years

Installation in Brick or Masonry Wall

  1. Turn OFF the supply power
  2. Determine the desired location for each fixture.
    Mark the location of the two screw holes and drill the holes for the plastic anochors with an appropriate drill bit for the material you are drilling into.
    Place the plastic anchors in the holes
  3. Put stainless steel mounting bracket and fixture in between layers of hardscape material.
    Screw the 2 screws into the anchors through the holes on the bracket, securing the fixture
  4. Route the fixture wire through the wall to the main low voltage supply cable using standard masonry procedures
  5. Connect fixture wire to LOW VOLTAGE power supply
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