LED Landscape Lighting Inground Light with solid brass housing


  • Inground Lights can be embedded in hardscaping materials or concrete, designed to hold up against the elements
  • For installing in sidewalks, large mature trees, walls and flagpoles to illuminate the ways

Voltage 12V AC/DC
Housing Solid brass
Lamp Base GU5.3 Bin-pin base
Lamp 12V MR16 (not included)
Lens Convex glass
Wiring 3'18/2 UL wire
SVT-2W leads


Luminaire Mounting (in ground)

  1. To prevent electric shock, disconnect transformer from electrical supply before installation or service
  2. Dig hole approximately 10" diameter to a depth suitable to make top or fixture flush to 1/8" above grade.
    Pea gravel or sand is recommended for seating the luminaire housing to aid positioning
  3. Remove lens cover, lens and rubber gasket
  4. Pull wires through enough to make manual connections with silicone filled safety connectors
    (4" to 6" above the top rim of the luminaire)
  5. Coil wire leads along bottom of plastic well and close wiring compartment
  6. Install lamp with correct wattage and type marked on the fixture label
    and set lamp at desired aiming angle
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