290 CFM Universal Series Fan with DC motor and polymeric resin blower


  • Polymeric resin blower
  • It holds an ETL evaluation
  • It comes with DC motor for lowest energy consumption and long lasting reliability
  • Ventilating fan should be ceiling or wall mounted and capable of exhausting air quietly and efficiently

Air Volume (CFM) 290
Noise (sones) 3.8
Fan Watts 52W
Duct Diameter 6"
Power Rating 120V /60Hz
Housing Size 11-3/8" x 10-1/2" x 7-5/8"
Grille Dimensions 13" x 14"

Assembly Instructions

  1. Slide hanger bars onto housing and adjust as needed to fit between framing
  2. Extend the hanger bars to the width of the framing
  3. Position the ventilator with the bottom edge of the hanger bar tabs are flush with the bottom edge of the framing, holding the ventilator in place
  4. Secure hanger bars to framing using one screw on each end of hanger bar
  5. Select a proper hole and secure the hanger bars together using one screw
  6. Connect the round ductwork (not included) to the damper / duct connector, and run the ductwork to a roof or wall cap (not included)
  7. Using tape (not included), secure all the ductwork connections so that they are air tight

Connect Electrical Wiring

  1. Run 120V AC house wiring to the location of the fan.
    Use UL-approved connectors (not included) to attach to the house wiring to the wiring plate

Install Grille

  1. Pinch the grille springs on the sides of the grille assembly
  2. Position the grille into the housing with the grille springs in the appropriate slots
  3. Push the grille assembly towards the ceiling to secure

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