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Humidity Sensor for Next Generation Micro Compact Series Fans


  • Capable of detecting humidity quickly and accurately and senses humidity at ceiling level
  • Responds to humidity levels that exceed the users' desired set point

Compatible Fans (sold separately)


  • Humidity Sensor allows you to present the humidity level between 50% and 70%
  • Factory set, field adjustable humidity sensitivity
  • When the humidity exceeds the users' desired set point, the fan will elevate to high speed operation
  • 5~6 minutes timer allows fan to operate longer after the humidity has reached its settings
  • Our Humidity Sensor conserves energy by allowing the fan to operate only when required
  1. Remove the Grille Assembly from the fan
  2. Put power box in the place fixed it with screws
  3. Remove the wire panel, remove the capacitor from the wire panel,
    insert the sensor wire into wire panel, reinstall the capacitor to the wire panel,
    install wire panel back to the housing
  4. Insert the plug from the box into the suitable wire panel.
    Connect electrical wiring. Fix the wire to blower
  5. Install Grille Assembly to the fan
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