4.5W LED running man combo exit sign with 120 minutes backup time


  • Adjustable heads
  • Includes test button and charge indicator light
  • Has UL-94V-0 flame rating and is fire-retardant
  • Provides overcharge & over-discharge protection

Wattage 4.5W
Voltage 120V AC or 347V AC /60Hz
Material Injection molded thermoplastic ABS housing
Battery 3.6V 1800mAh
Emergency Duration Time ≥ 120 min
Conversion Time < 0.2 seconds
Grade of Protection IP 20
Insulation II, Range: 80m²
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ +40°C
Warranty 5 years

Mounting Instruction

  1. Open front cover and assemble 2 pcs lamp heads on the frame
  2. Knockout appropriate mount screw hole and cable hole, mount back plate on the wall after feeding building AC supply cable into black plate
  3. For ceiling and side mounting purpose, remove the mounting hole cover on the top or side of the unit, assemble the canopy
  4. Attach crossbar to junction box, set the longer blade of crossbar touching the J-Box
  5. Route the proper wires through mounting hole out of housing
  6. Make electrical connections inside the J-Box
  7. Push excess wire into J-Box, use screws to tighten canopy to crossbar so that the canopy is securely fastened and tight against the wall
  8. Attach battery connector to PC board, restore front cover on unit, adjust position of lamp heads as needed
  9. If pictogram direction is assembled not suitable, change pictogram direction or replace pictogram, and then insert into diffuser

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