LED Landscape lighting 300W Transformer with flip door


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Photocell (not included) receptacle available

Mechanical Timer Receptacle (not included) available
Wattage 300W
Input Voltage 120V AC
Output Voltage 0-12-13-14-15V
Material 304 stainless steel
Door Type Flip door
Primary Circuit Protection Auto Reset Thermal Circuit Breaker on Core
Secondary Circuit Protection 25A Magnetic Circuit Breaker
Warranty 5 years

Mounting Transformer

  1. Mount transformer to solid surface or stand using stainless steel screws and anchors if needed
    (hardware not included)
  2. Screws will pass through key holes.
    Use bubble level to ensure vertical mounting
  3. Bottom of transformer MUST be at least 1 feet above the ground

Tranformer Sizing

  1. The total lamp VA (load) of all fixture connected to one transformer MUST NOT exceed 70% of the VA capacity of the transformer
  2. Therefore, the transformer selections are primarily based on Total Fixture Load:
    Total Fixture Load (Watts or VA) ÷ 0.7 = Minimum Transformer Capacity

Select Your Wire

  1. We recommend using 12AWG low voltage direct landscape wire
  2. It is important to distribute fixtures evenly along the cable with higher wattage fixtures closer to the transformer if possible
  3. Only use the bottom terminals for wiring to lighting
  4. DO NOT loosen the top terminals.
    They are for internal wiring of the transformer
  5. The higher voltage terminals are for long wire runs to lights.
    These will help account for voltage loss along the long run of wire
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