Air Pressure Sensing Switch with electric cycle timing board


  • Timing Range: 10 minutes
  • SPDT, SPST Electrical Load: 1/10 HP at 120-277V AC
  • 28VA Pilot Duty at 24V AC; 125VA Pilot Duty at 120V AC
  • SPST Electrical Load: 3 Amps Resistive at 24 & 120 to 277V AC
  • 1/4” tubing for inlet not included


Compatible Fans (sold separately):


Options Included:

  • Electronic Cycle Timing Module, 10 min-ON-15sec-OFF
  • 3 conductor cable with ground, 10" long external length
  • Switch enclosure with removable cover will accept 3-1/2" conduit connections
  • Probe accessory kit, with 2" long insert probe and (4) #8 x 1/2 square drive (Type TEK) screws


  • Recycling delay timer with 10min-ON-15sec-OFF cycle
  • Shown in "On Shelf" condition: No power and no differential pressure applied
  • As differential pressure exceeds set point:
    The snap switch NO contact closes, signaling the microprocessor will energize the relay and start the timing sequence

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