Back draft damper for airflow control in ventilation systems


  • For mounting between ducts
  • The damper is installed by sliding between two ducts
  • Capable of functioning in both horizontal and vertical positions
  • When mounted, damper prevents back draft when the fan stops; temperature usage up to +50ºC
  • Aluminum blades will open when blades are exposed to pressure and will shut again when pressure drops
  • Its mechanical spring is sealed with a rubber (neoprene) gasket, which helps opening and shutting of the aluminum blades

Model ⌀ d H t
BDA 4" 3-7/8" 3-7/16" 1/64"
BDA 5" 4-7/8"
BDA 6" 5-7/8"
BDA 8" 7-13/16"
BDA 10" 9-13/16" 5-1/16"
BDA 12" 12-3/8" 5-1/16"
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