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Fire Damper for the Next Generation Compact Series Fans Only


  • Has a flexible fire blanket
  • Link that is of +165°F Standard
  • Spring steel rolled springs included
  • 21 gauge Galvanized steel for frame
  • Ceiling radiation damper with 3 hour rating
  • Includes fiberglass cover and ceramic fiber
  • 25 gauge Galvanized steel for Damper Adapter
  • The force of one springs is no less than 4.496 lbf
  • Comes with roll-framed frame made of galvanized steel


Compatible Fans (sold separately):

Material Galvanized Steel Frame, Fabric
Galvanized Steel 21 gauge for frame / 25 gauge for Damper Adapter
Fabric 1/8" thick, 12.484 lbs/ft³
Environment Temperature +1100°C
Fusible Link 165°F, 29/64" width
Springs Spring steel rolled, 19/32" width
Force of 1 springs ≥ 4.496 lbf
  1. Slide the adapter's hemmed edges onto the fan housing flanges
  2. Pinch the grille springs on the sides of the grille assembly
  3. Position the grille into the housing with the grille springs in the appropriate slots of the Damper Assembly
  4. Push the grille assembly towards the ceiling to secure
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