LED Panel Frame for OD-1X4-3CCT+3WT that has a surface mounted frame


  • Quick connection without screws
  • Right angle connector — friendly connect with metal hose
  • With mechanism structure to hold cover in place after wires have been jammed


Compatible Back Lit Panel (sold separately):



  • 47-61/64" (Length) x 12-23/32" (Width) x 2-3/4" (Height)

Ceiling Installation

  1. Screw A1/A2/B2 into a frame with screws
  2. Then fix A1/A2 to the ceiling with screws and remove B1 and two plastic clips
  3. Insert the part of the lamps whose cover plate of the drive housing has been removed into the ceiling mounting profile.
    Connect the metal house connector and the right angle connector
  4. Knock out the knock hole on the drive cover plate, fix the metal hose right angle connector with the drive cover plate.
    Connect the power supply and the driver according to the wiring diagram after the circuit breaker is powered OFF
  5. Place the lamp with the upper cover fully closed into the ceiling frame
  6. Close the B1 connecting the two plastic corner clips and complete the installation

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